Server-Side API

The Citymapper API allows developers to get information out of the Citymapper servers, including whether a location is covered by Citymapper, and roughly how long it would take to get between two points by public transportation. See the documentation for details.

Getting Started

You can instantly get an API key by signing up. Everyone automatically gets a modest initial quota for experimentation. To get larger quotas for public deployment, please send mail to

Other Citymapper Tools

The Citymapper API is only one of the ways you can integrate your app or website with Citymapper. Learn More.

Get an API Key

  • Travel Time: 50 hits per day
  • Coverage (Single Point): 10 hits per minute
  • Coverage (Multipoint): 100 hits per minute
  • Coverage (Single Point): 1000 hits per day
  • Coverage (Multipoint): 10000 hits per day
  • Travel Time: 5 hits per minute